AIC Forms Live

How to deal with paperwork overload.

These days, the demands on conveyancers are many. The amount of paperwork can seem endless – it’s not easy staying on top of things, and you’re probably struggling to remember what it’s like to have a life outside of work.

But have you heard?

There’s a much more productive and efficient way to deal with paperwork overload (and give yourself back some breathing space).

It’s called AIC Forms Live.

AIC Forms Live is a purpose designed, online integrated Forms System, and incorporates all important forms, like: Contract for the Sale and Purchase of Land, Form 1 and Form 2, Business Sale Agreements and a large group of Land Title Office forms.

AIC Forms Live is integrated with DocuSign. It allows you to be more: Mobile – access data and prepare forms and agreements anywhere from your laptop or tablet.
Flexible – make changes and updates on the spot.
Immediate – deliver forms and agreements via email or other approved platforms.

The hours saved in paperwork, running around, following up and obtaining signatures can be turned into a more personalised client service, and give you a much better work/life balance.

AIC Forms Live is very affordable. The annual subscription fee is negligible compared to your increased productivity. The fee depends on the number of users: $199 pa for 1-5 users, $349 pa for 6-10 users, and $599pa for 11-19 users.

New users can trial AIC Forms Live for 14 days. It’s easy, intuitive and work/life changing. Register at If you’d like any more info, please contact the AIC Forms Live experts at

After trialling AIC Forms Live, you’ll wonder how you ever coped without it.