It’d be amazing if you got this job.

(We mean that in a good way)

We are Dynamic Methods – you could call us inventors (or, at the very least, trail blazers) in the wonderful world of software development… even though nobody knows who we are. But that’s okay; we kind of like that way… call us brand adverse (or happily anonymous with a great work/life balance).

So, we’ve created (yep, we’re definitely creators) an amazing online product that has been adopted and embraced by 7,500 real estate agencies nationally.  That’s about 60% of the market (and growing). And those agencies have used our product over 20 million times, and that number continues to grow by the second… literally by the second… so that’s pretty crazy… in a good way.

And because of all that, we need someone to HELP US TALK about our amazing product and OFFER SUPPORT to our rapidly expanding client base. (And help us find another word for amazing).

Get to the product already!

So, what’s our amazing product? Drum roll please…

It’s an… online form!

Well, actually, quite a few online forms. Okay, so not super exciting (unless you’re a real estate agent) but definitely amazing from a tech point of view, because it has pretty much revolutionised the way agents (particularly property managers) do business. Our software has different names in different states (a political/legal kind of thing) but it’s been adopted by all REIs except Victoria… anyway, more about that in the interview, should you decide to go for this amazing job. (Please do!)

You don’t have to be all things, just two.

So, apart from fixing our hang up with amazing, we’re looking for someone who can help us with two things (alluded to in capitals in third paragraph):

Number 1 – You should like playing in the social media space; not in a hard-core ‘on special’ salesy kind of way, but in a caring ‘did you know’ product information kind of way. Someone who can write the odd article, produce and post videos, organise an online training session or… anything you think will build relationships.

Number 2 – You should be a bit techy; not binary code techy, but be able to find your way around a computer and, most importantly, be ready offer tech support for clients using our online forms – which is really just knowing where the UNDO button is. Okay, there’s more to it than that, but nothing you won’t get a handle on pretty quickly.

Number 2 (and a half) – we prefer you worked between 9 and 5, but we understand there is such a thing as family and schools hours… so we’re happy to talk about that… if that’s where you’re at.

Does this job sound… amazing?

We hope it does.

If it does, and you live in Adelaide (or want to move to Adelaide) complete your details here and tell us how amazing you are.