New Feature / July 24, 2023

eSigning Made Even Easier in REI Forms Live with launch of Forms Live Sign

Any process, even the entirely digital kind, can be strenuous. They tend to feel like they consist of far more steps than there should be, right? It usually goes…find the email, click this button, exit that tab, and it’s like you’re trapped on a jumping castle, thrown every which way! We are always working to make such processes run smoother, and more seamlessly.

Today, we are excited to introduce a game-changing feature that will improve the signing process within the REI Forms Live platform. Our team has been hard at work to eliminate unnecessary steps from the process, and we're proud to unveil a brand-new method of triggering the signing process directly within the platform.

What's New

The REI Forms Live team have introduced a method of triggering the signing process with Forms Live Sign in-platform. We have now made the process more straightforward by removing the need to send subscribers external links via email – all direct and all in-platform.

Action Required Button: When you visit the Form Page on REI Forms Live, you'll notice a new status icon in the top toolbar labeled Action Required. This button will filter through all your forms to identify the forms that are ready to be signed.

Notification Alerts: To ensure an important document doesn’t fall into the digital ether, the Action Required button displays a numbered notification icon with the number of forms awaiting signature. Say goodbye to searching through emails and hello to a more organised signing experience.

Sign Now Status Icon: We've introduced a new status icon - Sign Now. Clicking on this icon will take you directly to the exact form within REI Forms Live, where you can effortlessly complete the signing process. Simple and efficient!

For those seeking additional assistance, we invite you to explore our comprehensive help guide, designed to support you every step of the way.

Haven't set up Forms Live Sign yet? Don't worry! Subscriptions are available for purchase by principal users on REI Forms Live - head to the 'Addons' tab to learn more.

Experience the future of eSigning in REI Forms Live with Forms Live Sign today!

Forms Live Sign is currently only available in SA, NT and TAS.

About Dynamic Methods

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