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Efficiency is our aim. Property is our game.

We were tired of creating forms that double handled data via inefficient third party integrations. So we made our own.

We have over 15 years-experience delivering workflow efficiency solutions, and are the market leader in the property services and real estate sector. Our platforms make it easy for agents and managers to create legally binding contracts, fill out the forms and applications they need, as well as collect signatures, all in just a few clicks.

REI Forms Live

Complete your agreements and forms online with REI Forms Live. PC, Mac, laptop, iPad or Android tablet - no matter what the device, REI Forms Live has been designed with your needs in mind! get to know rei forms live

CRM integrated

The REI Forms Live suite includes apps for conveyancing, sales and property inspection. Forms in these apps can be completed on-site and emailed to the office. This keeps staff in the field and negates the need for expensive, mistake-prone double-entry of data.


The ability to update digital documentation when any state or territory regulation changes is a unique and essential facet of REI Forms Live, ensuring all forms and contracts remain legally compliant.

fast & portable

Save time. Designed with you in mind. Enter your data once and let REI Forms Live do the heavy lifting. Portable in every sense of the word. Don’t be shackled to the desktop - go anywhere, prepare and complete.
REI Forms Live

Inspect live

Simple, powerful and easy to use, Inspect Live provides the tools you need to make inspections a breeze. Property management staff can carry out rental property inspections, complete forms on site, capture images and send them back to the office. get to know inspect live

offline first

Inspect Live makes it easy to create and complete condition reports entirely offline. Then use Wifi or mobile data to sync your forms safely and securely to all our forms platforms, when it suits you.

fast & reliable

Inspect Live helps manage the inspection process from start to finish. Create reports, customise and add photos all in a matter of minutes.

powerful & flexible

Create custom reports to suit any property type. Add unique rooms and items, re-use tenant data and much more. Inspect Live gives you the control.

forms live

Discover an entire universe of forms that streamlines your real estate business. Exclusively for the Victorian market. get to know forms live


Using online tools to house important information means no risk of losing paperwork, no printer or scanner required, while less paper is a plus for the planet.

CRM integration

Our current CRM partners easily integrate with our forms, where the possibilities for integration are endless.

docusign in-built

Our DocuSign enabled forms can be sent and signed anywhere that is connected to the internet.
Forms Live


Realworks is the leading real estate forms package in Queensland, offering contracts, agreements and forms capturing the latest Queensland regulations and legal requirements for the sale, auction and property management of residential, commercial and rural real estate. get to know realworks


Minimise errors in forms and contracts and stops delays created by waiting for replacement documentation to be re-signed.


The platform ensures all fields are filled by an agent before allowing a form to be processed.


These interactive, digital forms also negate the need for double entry of data from paper forms improving data capture and can be integrated into CRMs and other agent tools and dashboards to deliver an easy workflow.

Australian owned & operated

Dynamic Methods is the only legal forms and contract company in Australia that works respectively with the peak real estate industry bodies in most states and territories to ensure generated forms are updated and reflect legislative changes as soon as they occur.

  • local support

    A ticket-based customer care system ensures quick response times, Dynamic Methods can respond within 30 minutes after an issue has been raised accordingly. The Dynamic Method’s team is based in Adelaide and handles all issues in Australian time zones.

  • australian team

    REI Forms Live, Realworks, and Forms Live are updated regularly with incremental improvements and updated, as requested by users. Dynamic Methods runs an agile development process, one that delivers fast results and avoids large-scale software updates, which would be disruptive to our client’s workflows.

  • Secure Environment

    secure environment

    We allow data to be captured just once and passed onto the next step in the process, providing your team with access to that information quickly and easily whether they are in the office or out in the field.


I have a development team, can I integrate Dynamic Method’s software?
Dynamic Methods has an open API allowing third parties and other proptech app developers to integrate Dynamic Methods’ services, including REI Forms Live, into your own offering. We provide the code and a development environment so our digital forms can be integrated into your solutions, or Dynamic Methods can also provide software consulting and development services. view documentation.
Does Dynamic Methods offer software development services?
Dynamic Methods has successfully completed work in this area with organisations such as RESO (Real Estate Sales Online), an online sales platform for agents. With more than a decade of experience creating trusted, legally-binding forms and agreements, Dynamic Methods builds its technology on the world’s most popular technology stack, Node JS. work with us.
How secure is your cloud-based service?
We store all data within Australia. We are an Australian owned and operated company. And we use the latest 128-bit SSL encryption (the same as your online banking!) for REI Forms Live.
What if I have a problem. Who will I be talking to?
We pride ourselves on our technical support team. You have two levels of support with REI Forms Live. The first level is from your local REI,they will help you with any questions you have about forms, agreements and content. When you call for technical support, you are talking directly with the development team (in Adelaide, South Australia) who created REI Forms Live. We enjoy talking with our customers!

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