Podcast / March 10, 2020

The PropTech Podcast - Dynamic Methods – Digitising forms and contracts

The PropTech Podcast with Kylie Davis - In this episode, Kylie sits down with with our very own David Howell, the CEO of Dynamic Methods.

Key highlights:

David Howell (12:32) - I like to think of Forms Live as the engine around forms and agreements where other companies like our CRM partners and things like that don’t have to worry about the annoying boring things like legislation changes and forms, terms, conditions on all those types of things. So they can focus on the other innovative workflow changes, improving efficiency and things like that. So we become, I think you said, the engine or the oil between some of those systems. We’re not always the ones driving the innovation, but we’re giving the tools for the industry to change.

David Howell (13:53) - Over the last probably two to three years our focus has been on providing tools to automate certain parts of the form process, where we can, again, depending on what legislation allows. Again, rather than us having to define what that is and restrict people on what they can and can’t do, we’ve created an API which allows other products to be able to do those cool things like Real Time Agent and Inspect Real estate, Console Cloud, all those guys, where they really are trying to make the life of an agent a lot easier by not having to fill in a lot of the forms which are still a necessity. So, yeah, in an ideal world, there wouldn’t be any forms, but it’s still the best way to communicate between two parties or multiple parties with terms and conditions and contracts.

About Dynamic Methods

Dynamic Methods is Australia’s leading provider of forms and contracts to the property industry and powers more than 600,000 Australian real estate transactions per month. Established in 2005, we have partnerships with Real Estate Institutes in NSW, QLD, WA, SA, NT, TAS, and ACT, our products are used around the country by 7,000 real estate agencies and 50,000 agents and managers. More than 50 million forms have been generated and used since launch.