Podcast / July 26, 2023

The PropTech Awards 2023 - Jennifer Harrison: The Complete Rundown

The PropTech Podcast with Kylie Davis - in this episode, Jennifer Harrison, a communications and PR expert with Reputation Edge and the vice president of the Proptech Association of Australia, shares how Dynamic Methods captured the attention of the awards panel to win Most Innovative Established Supplier in the Efficiency & Optimised category.

Kylie and Jennifer give an overview on the winners of the 2023 Proptech Awards and discuss why teh Dynamic Methods entry was the most entertaining entry Kylie has ever read.

Key highlights:

Kylie Davis (10:45) - We did see some amazing entries, I just want to give a bit of a shoutout to Dynamic Methods who wrote the most entertaining entry I have ever read in my life for their entry. They did win their category, for their tech, in Establish Suppliers for Efficiency and Optimisation.

Kylie Davis (43:20) -Established suppliers in the Efficiency and Optimisation, I think this wins the best and most entertaining award entry. I was going to talk to David and the team about publishing it because it was highly amusing, I read it, but also about the power of storytelling around a great entry, and Dynamic Methods won this category.

Jennifer Harrison (43:40) – The storytelling is that extra icing on the cake. Yes, a great way to start is answering our criteria, but at the end of the day, the judges are reading your entry, then they’re reading someone else’s entry, then they're reading another entry. It does all start to blur, and I know a lot of our judges were extremely diligent, and they took their judging in waves; weave 1, they put it away, came back, wave 2. Then a lot of them, I know, did a final triage, to make sure they were absolutely fair and consistent with the way they were marking. Yes, the power of storytelling is wonderful.

Kylie Davis (44:22) - Dynamic Methods, and the technology that sits behind the REI forms tech and Realworks in Queensland, so big market share, very embedded in just about every real estate transaction around the country, and some very smart tech that is constantly being rethought and innovated.

About Dynamic Methods

Dynamic Methods is Australia’s leading provider of forms and contracts to the property industry and powers more than 600,000 Australian real estate transactions per month. Established in 2005, we have partnerships with Real Estate Institutes in NSW, QLD, WA, SA, NT, TAS, and ACT, our products are used around the country by 7,000 real estate agencies and 50,000 agents and managers. More than 50 million forms have been generated and used since launch.